Lenten Fish Fries

Friday fish fries in church halls:
process in line, your turn next
the volunteer asks
baked or fried, cocktail or tartar sauce,
what side would you like, roll or sandwich bun,
what would you like to drink?
Pay your money; take a seat at a table.
Here’s comes your tray just as you ordered.
Friendly banter at the table,
polite teens ask, “Can I get you anything else?”
Welcomed in God’s house to eat with God’s People
in the downstairs Church.

How lovely!
No one asked, “Are you divorced?”
“Are you gay?”  “Are you pro-life?”
“Do you support women’s ordination?”
No one said,
“Only practicing Catholics can come to this table.”

in the downstairs Church
in the upstairs Church
how different they are!

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