Christ is risen – Christ is rising

Christ is rising in the fertile eggs 
protected by Mama Goose’s wings 
as she sits on her carefully feathered nest.

Christ is rising in the bright yellow daffodils
pushing up through the rich brown earth, 
reaching for the sun’s warm light.

Christ is rising in the hands of medical staff
bringing healing to the very ill and injured,
and comforting touch to those passing over.

Christ is rising in the scientists and lab technicians
producing life-saving vaccines with the promise 
that we will be able to hug one another again.

Christ is rising in the hearts of compassionate people 
feeding the hungry, calling out injustice 
and welcoming the stranger. 

Christ is rising in the cries of the newborns 
bringing hope to us all, for Christ says, 
these are my prophets, poets, teachers and artists, 
engineers, musicians and future leaders. 
“Do not be afraid, for see, I make all things new.”

Christ is rising in the sun 
lifting our spirits and energizing us.
Christ is rising in the moon 
allowing us rest and peaceful sleep.

Christ is risen.  Christ is rising.  
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

+Joan Clark Houk      Easter, April 4, 2021

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