Holy Saturday Reflection

It was the Sabbath in Jerusalem.  Normally a very quiet day and today was no different, except there were whispers.  Jesus had been confirmed dead with a spear thrust, and his body taken down from the cross.  The body was claimed by a secret follower and placed in a tomb, while women who had come to Jerusalem with Jesus watched where he was laid.  Then they began to collect the spices they would need to anoint his body as was the Jewish custom.  They would wait until tomorrow because this was Sabbath, but they wondered who would roll the large stone from in front of the tomb because all the men they knew had fled.  The Chief Priest and Council of Elders were sure they had saved the people and themselves from catastrophic Roman retaliation.  The Roman governor was pleased that his district was now rid of a trouble maker, but his wife was not so sure and she told him so.  He had a sign placed on the cross over the head of Jesus that read, “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews”.  The sign had its intended effect on the many people who saw it.  If you cause trouble in my district this is what will happen to you was the message, and the people understood it.  This was the way Rome kept the peace in all its districts.  It was the Sabbath, but it was also spring, the beginning, of a new year.  The world was full of new life and new possibilities, but Jerusalem had pushed the pause button.
Please stay tuned. 

Reflection by John Houk

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