Life is mystery, changes and transitions.

As one wise, frail woman passes over into new life,
a life that has no limitations,
a baby girl bursts onto the earth, a bundle of energy,
gift of God’s love, symbol of hope for the future.

On October 10th John’s mother, Ruth Houk, died,
just shy of 98 years of age. It is never easy to say “Good-bye”.
Looking down from her mother’s arms, Beatrice Ruth, 7 months old,
saw her namesake in the coffin appearing to be asleep,
a gentle first experience of death for the baby.

As Beatrice grows in age, wisdom and grace through the years,
she will move with earth’s rhythms asking the questions
that have been asked throughout the ages.
Firmly rooted in the faith and values of her ancestors,
she will feel safe in her questioning.
Beatrice Ruth will come to know
that death is not the end of life, for life never dies,
it just changes and transitions.
Life is change and transition in the deepest of mystery.

May you be blessed with the fullness of life and mystery.

+Joan and John

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